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Caterpillar, Inc is the leading manufacturer of off highway heavy machinery and medium to high speed industrial diesel engines.
Caterpillar heavy equipment and Caterpillar engines are world renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability. CAT engines are constantly evolving to adapt to tougher and more diversified conditions while still focusing on optimizing fuel consumption and emissions to meet the strict new regulations being handed out yearly. Their comprehensive selection of reliable equipment and engines make them a top pick for mining, drilling, civil and commercial construction, oilfield, forestry, agricultural, material handling and other industries around the world.
One of the more popular models in the industry is the CAT 3412. The CAT 3412 is a 12 cylinder, four-stroke-cycle, turbocharged high horsepower / high speed diesel engine used for a variety of off highway industrial applications such as mining, drilling, construction, earth moving, stationary power units and generators as well as marine applications. This engine comes in a range of different models(B,C,D,E) depending on these applications and delivers excellent fuel economy at minimal weight. Every year, CAT 3412 engines undergo rigorous dyno testing and application testing to determine new possible ways to increase performance and longevity in addition to optimizing fuel consumption and diesel emissions. EVERY individual CAT 3412 diesel engine in production has been thoroughly load tested and field-proven. From scrapers to bulldozers and power units to ships, the CAT 3412 is world renowned for it's power and durability and is consistently called upon for virtually any and every industrial application conceivable.

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CAT Engines | ACERT Technology

CAT Engines With ACERT Technology

Caterpillar ACERT Technology

CAT diesel engines with ACERT technology are paving the road for a cleaner future while still maintaining the power and durability that Caterpillar engines have become known for. For over eighty years, Caterpillar has been a leading designer and manufacturer of on highway and industrial diesel engines worldwide. It has been extremely challenging for industrial engine manufacturers to meet the stringent new emissions policies ordered by the EPA without sacrificing engine performance and efficiency, but CAT’s ACERT technology is doing just that and continues to evolve every day. In fact, all ACERT engines are guaranteed to meet or exceed the performance of the non ACERT engines they replace.

ACERT Technology with Clean Gas Induction (CGI) -

ACERT stands for Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology. 
The main idea behind ACERT technology is known as Advanced(Precision) Combustion. Advanced Combustion actually controls the combustion process within the engine. This technology is able to increase diesel engine efficiency by injecting precise amounts of fuel at just the right times. This lowers pollutant levels without sacrificing performance. Engines with ACERT technology also take in clean air and generate maximum engine performance at lower combustion temperatures, which improves emissions and prolongs engine life. While competitors struggle to keep up, Caterpillar’s ACERT technology looks ahead.

Purchasing Industrial Engines

Here at Independent, we strongly believe that quality is more important than quantity, both for ourselves and the consumer. Purchasing industrial diesel engines is a major undertaking and huge financial decision for companies and individuals that rely on heavy equipment and other industrial machinery. For many, this equipment is the foundation of their operations and the last thing anyone in this industry wants is costly downtime. That is why it's always important to choose the highest quality parts for this critical machinery. If your engine is not functioning properly then you can be sure your equipment is not functioning properly either. Don't be fooled by cheap aftermarket, used and partial industrial engine rebuild outfits. More often than not, these poorly built engines will end you right back in the shop where you started much sooner than you planned. Time and time again, we've seen buyers shell out substantial amounts of money for cheap engines, only to have them fail again shortly after. Going with a quality new or OEM remanufactured industrial diesel engine will almost always save you significant amounts of time, money and stress in the long run.

At Independent, we go to great lengths to deliver only the highest quality industrial diesel engines that won't camp in the shop. We specialize in new and remanufactured medium to high horsepower industrial Caterpillar engines for virtually all off highway applications. All of our engines come complete and dyno tested with All New Genuine OEM CAT Parts ordered directly from the dealer. We also include thousands of dollars in additional genuine CAT components, standard. We NEVER use aftermaret or used parts. This ensures the maximum life and performance that all new Caterpillar engines were designed to have. Our technicians are dealer trained and operate a specialized diesel engine component machine shop where they can build any of our engines to customer specifications and factory standards. Our number one priority is to deliver unmatched quality and performance with every engine we send out our doors in order to keep your equipment in the field where it belongs. 

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